About Us


We started the violin duo "Les Jolie Deux" in 1996. We felt that a duo could be a creative outlet for us, and add an alternative for people wanting the sound of string music at their wedding or social event. Because there are just two of us, we can accommodate a smaller venue where a trio or quartet would not fit.

Since we started, we have played for many weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, receptions, etc, throughout the Richmond area. We continue to add new repertoire to our list and enjoy taking special requests and coming up with an arrangement just for your occasion.

We are both professionally trained musicians and violinists in the Richmond Symphony. We have many years of musical experience and expertise to share with you. We will make sure your wedding or special occasion is done in a true professional style. As far as questions concerning cost, music choices, dates, and locations, we will be glad to discuss these things with you when you call or e-mail us.


RVA Violin Duo Jolie Deux

Prelude music begins about 30 minutes before the wedding. We create an atmosphere of beauty and celebration for your special day. We'd be glad to help you with your musical selections.



What can I expect if you play for my wedding?

We will start the prelude music about 30 minutes before your service starts, as your guests arrive and are seated. We usually take care of the prelude music ourselves. We are glad to add pieces you especially request. You will probably want to choose the music for your wedding party entrance, Bridal entrance, maybe a short selection during the service if needed and your Recessional as you and your guests exit.

What do you need for an outdoor service?

Our main concern is our instruments. We need to be in a shady area and out of direct sunlight. Also, if it rains, we need to be under cover so our instruments will not get wet. We'd ask for two chairs to sit in during the service. We are usually standing when we play.

How far in advance do I need to book you?

It's always good to try and book several months in advance. We also are glad to do last minute engagements so don't hesitate to contact us.

Do we need to meet you in person to choose the music?

It isn't necessary. We can usually take care of details by email or phone and save time. We are willing to meet you in person if you prefer.

Reception or After Ceremony Entertainment

Are you planning a cocktail hour or photo session after the wedding? Ask us about our rates for additional time to make for a smooth transition.